TuningHub.net Beta

Objectively analyse your setup and iteratively tune it to its maximum potential.

How to use?

Host & organise blackbox logs.

Start by uploading one.

Upload blackbox log file

See if changing values is making things good or worse!

Trying a new prop or beta firmware?

Know how it affects flight performance.

Review a frame, prop or motor?

Show everyone objectively how good a product is.

Vibration free setup!

Share public url to get help

Share to get help online

Copy url and post it to slack/facebook/discord.

Bot to automatically process log files

Just drop the file in the chat room

Automatically process your log files

View log file headers

See log file headers

See entire log file headers directly in the browser

Backup cli dump

Save cli dump for future reference or to restore your settings

Store cli dump

Diff cli dump settings

Compare cli dump settings

See the changes you make with each iteration

Track EmuFlight's development progress!

Compatible with Betaflight & EmuFlight blackbox files

Not sure about where to start?

Checkout these links and goto CLI in configurator and paste:

set debug_mode = GYRO_SCALED